What Tera Class Should I Choose, Valkyrie or Reaper?

I played TERA a lengthy time ago (before Reaper got in), and now I want to go back into it. I am getting an actually tough time deciding what class to pick, if Reaper or Valkyrie, due to the fact I like the fantasy of both. I've watched gameplay videos, expertiseshowcases, read guides and tier lists, but I nonetheless can not choose.

TERA valkyrie

I prefer to solo every little thing I can, and PvP also. I love the dark/edgy side on the Reaper, with these wonderful black/purple effects and chain scythes, but I'm not a huge fan of Elin. I like Valkyrie's moves too with these large crits, the marks, and overhead attacks. A vital issue for me is their solo potential, are they each viable for this? A different factor is a repetition; I utilized to play berserker and I got bored of primarily utilizing two expertise in my rotation. Are they both reasonably varied? What about their mobility?

Reaper and Valkyrie are my greatest geared characters, so I guess I can offer you some insight.

Both of them are capable of soloing, Valkyrie becoming greater on that regard, but honestly, 99% on the game just after 65 is played in groups so you should not worry a lot of about that.

About variety, when Valkyrie does have a large amount of filler expertise, your key target will likely be to often use as quite a few Shining Crescents (and Maelstroms/Spin'/Backstabs to set it up) as you can. It really is also much more simple to play. Reaper includes a much more complex rotation with a bunch of impactful expertise.

Mobility-wise, both have really excellent mobility, with Valkyrie's getting a little more limited albeit significantly a lot easier to utilize. Reaper gets a bunch of positioning and mobility abilities, but they are not as uncomplicated to use efficiently as just rolling about. Even their back teleport needs 2 actions.

DPS-wise, currently Valkyrie includes a greater possibility than Reaper, however, the point is, 95% of reapers you meet will not be playing the class to half of it is complete potential. In other words, the difference among a typical Valk along with a good Valk is fairly noticeable, however, the difference amongst a typical Reaper as well as an excellent Reaper is TREMENDOUS, that is why a handful of Reapers are seen as "monsters".

It really is also worth noting that for Valk to pull off their major numbers, all the things have to go perfectly. When you have to dodge for an extended time period throughout Ragnarok, you are going to shed a Shining Crescent and it'll consume up against a considerable quantity of your harm. That may be rather frustrating. Also, the penalty of death is considerably harsher for Valkyries; losing a complete Ragnarok bar can be really tilting, and can kill many your harm. Not that you simply should be dead anyway once you master a fight, but you get my point.

I ended up selecting Reaper as my principal, my Valk is sitting at Stormcry +0, I identified it to become more rewarding, but that is just private preference.

And as for the level, Reaper fundamentally starts at 58 following a tutorial. I would not be concerned an excessive amount of about that even though given that you just have seasoned the game just before 65 in an additional class because the complete game up until 65 is just kind of an intro/demo/tutorial. It begins after you hit 65. Also, sooner or later you are going to likely choose to level alts to farm for tera gold, so you are going to get via it with them.

Have fun!

Guide to The Tidal Island in Path of Exile

The Tidal Island is an area in Act 1. This area does not have a way point and is connected to The Coast. Players start at the top of the island and fight clockwise or counter-clockwise along the beach to reach the wrecked ship where Hailrake spawns.

How to Reaching the island in path of exile?

The Tidal Island is a small isle with a shipwreck. It has no waypoint so hunters of Path of Exile Currency will need to make their way to it from The Coast. Players enter this area from the top of the island and can make their way to the ship wreck by going round through the beaches. Note that despite the shipwreck, there are no chests on the island. Instead, one can find Impaled Corpses, Bound Corpses and Crucified Corpses containing items and gear.

The island is inhabited by several monsters, namely Cannibals, Tide Striders, Gravel Eaters and the Drowned. Occasionally, players can also encounter Merveil’s Favoured and Spectral Corsairs along its shores. Monsters in this map spawn at around level 3 for Normal difficulty. For Cruel and Merciless difficulty they appear at around monster level 38 and 58 respectively. Monsters native to this map often spawn with resistances to fire, lightning or cold.

The shipwreck on the island is the spawn point of Hailrake, a unique Cannibal. Player’s attempting to take this creature on will need cold resistance, either through mods from Path of Exile Orbs or inherent affixes.

If you hunt for Vaal Skill Gems and other corrupted items, you can visit this map as it has a chance to spawn Corrupted Areas. It is can be in the form of a Strange Sinkhole, or a Concealed Cavity.

PoE: Your opinion of hell is everything priced in Vaal and Chisels!

I noticed lately while trying to price check items that the first 20-30 offers are always priced in Vaal and Chisels and only then do Chaos prices start. I've seen this on pretty much anything: rares, uniques, fragments.

Is there something going on with those currencies or are those some kind of scam attempts? It makes it really frustrating to find actual prices of stuff.

Let's see opinions that we found on the forums:

1) You can search by currency in poe.trade. Set buyout currency to chaos (or something else) and switch the "exact currency" to "on". It's the last row of the "Misc" search options.

2) PoE.trade doesn't update internal ratios often. IIRC the owner updates them by hand when he wants to.

So lets say that chisels are being sold for 0.5c (2:1) and poe.trade internal ratio says they are worth 0.33c (3:1).

If you put an item for sale for 3 chaos and someone else puts it for 8 chisels, poe.trade checks the internal ratio and list the chisels one first, because it thinks this one is cheaper, when in fact its 1c more expensive. People know this and abuse it to get better deals. It happens with alch, chis, vaals and maybe other currencies too.

3) Just fyi that mindset is definitely losing you sales. If I want an item and the cheapest is priced in anything but chaos (or exalts), I'll go buy the cheapest chaos listing because fuck getting vaals just to do a trade. I'd rather pay a bit more and not have to go get vaals because I'm running out of them by using them to buy crap. There's no way I'm the only one that does this because the one currency people have the most of generally is chaos and the rest isn't common enough to use as everyday trading currency.

If you really need vaals, price your crap in chaos and then trade your chaos for vaals, you're hurting your sales.

4) Wait, this wasnt obviois to people to begin with? Selling always for the currency I need most. At this point its alts and regals. Dont need chaoses, because Im trying to craft. Dont want to do unnecessary work with another path of exile items conversion trade.

The Three Best Places in Path of Exile 3.1 Farming

Path of Exile is a free-to-play online action role-playing video game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games.One of the key aspects of playing the popular ARPG Path of Exile (POE) is grinding, also often referred to as farming. This process involves taking your character to a certain area of the game where you can kill the same creatures on a continuous basis to gain as much experience and loot as you desire. In the case of Path of Exile Farming, there are three areas in particular where you should head to grind your character.

ACT I – The Ledge
The Ledge is the best place for you to start farming for Act I. Towards the end of the first Act, you’ll find The Ledge inhabited by Cannibals, Rattling Bones and Ancient Archers for you to kill repeatedly, and they are pretty easy to do so. Not only that, but killing them will also earn you an impressive amount of EXP. As far as gaining new equipment is concerned here, you can also find Rare Mobs which are capable of providing you with useful equipment for your character at such an early stage.

ACT II – Fellshrine Ruins
Going forward into Act II, you’ll want to find Fellshrine Ruins to continue grinding. The several enemies here shouldn’t cause you too much trouble bar the Hulking Titan, and that is only based on its high HP and strength, which shouldn’t be that hard to deal with if you’re a melee character. Ultimately, your goal is to kill blue and yellow mobs throughout, and it will be especially relevant in this area, so prepare for your inventory to fill up pretty sharp here. For access to the Fellshrine Ruins, you will need to enter the Church Portal. While you’re here, you can raid The Church given that the two are connected, just for some additional EXP and loot if you fancy it.

ACT III – The Docks
The third area you’ll want to head to is The Docks in Act III, which can be found via the Battlefront exit. Here, you will find a location that has both higher and lower paths which you can check out. However, this area houses the Voidbearer, who presents a rather difficult challenge. Therefore, you may want to hang on until you reach level 60 before you start farming at The Docks. You’ll find plenty of undead pirates here too, so if it’s elemental resistances you’re after, you’re in the right place.

Act III in particular is a great place for farming, and there are honorable mentions to other places such as Marketplace and Lunaris for all your farming needs. But if the base need of experience and gear is what you require, then The Docks is your best bet.

Hopefully this guide has provided you with a few places to visit. When you want to push forward with grinding as much as possible and leave your exile strong enough to take the fight to whatever threat opposes you, you’ll be ready. Of course, If you are interested in path of exile orbs, U4gm is you best choice.

How To Better Designing the PoE Elder Uniques?

In the War for the Atlas expansion, coming up with unique items that drop from an end-game boss can be a tricky process. Since such unique items can be deterministically farmed for, this means that they are likely to be widely available relatively early in a new league. In the case of War for the Atlas, players are going to be able to naturally encounter the Elder at regular intervals while mapping, so fighting him isn't really gated behind special conditions.

From the above conditions, the unique items needed to be made in such a way that made them generally useful for a wide variety of builds, and to create a reason to keep fighting the Elder many times, or the items would feel like they had no value.

The general design of a lot of elder uniques is that they are intended for a large variety of builds. Because of this, the focus on these designs are attributes, ailments, charges, curses and auras.

As the attribute-focused item in the set, the bonuses of this item were chosen to be mostly defensive, with a secondary offensive effect that can be built around. Attribute stacking is nothing new in Path of Exile. Existing builds already use items like The Whispering Ice and Hand of Wisdom and Action to great effect. However, all those builds focus on stacking a single attribute as high as possible.

This belt attempts to provide a slightly different spin to an attribute-focused gearing strategy, where you need to care about your lowest attribute for damage, rather than only caring about a single one. You also have the ability to become immune to two ailments of your choice, based on how your attributes fall into place, which is incredibly powerful in many situations.

Cyclopean Coil

As the attribute-focused item in the set, the bonuses of this item were chosen to be mostly defensive, with a secondary offensive effect that can be built around. Attribute stacking is nothing new in Path of Exile. Existing builds already use items like The Whispering Ice and Hand of Wisdom and Action to great effect. However, all those builds focus on stacking a single attribute as high as possible.

This belt attempts to provide a slightly different spin to an attribute-focused gearing strategy, where you need to care about your lowest attribute for damage, rather than only caring about a single one. You also have the ability to become immune to two ailments of your choice, based on how your attributes fall into place, which is incredibly powerful in many situations.

Blasphemer's Grasp

As the ailment-focused item of the set, there was a bunch of design space that opened up with the emergence of Elder and Shaper items. While not exactly a set bonus, this seemed like a good opportunity to make a unique item that rewarded using as many elder items as possible. These gloves just want you to use many elder items, which is consistent with the theme of the Elder influencing as many maps as he can!

Any build that cares about ailments should benefit greatly from using these gloves. While ailment builds are not as popular as direct damage builds, these gloves can boost the power of those builds significantly. On top of boosting both the power and effect of ailments, it has a special mod if you have Elder items in every slot, allowing you to play with no ailment removal flasks if you desire.

Nebuloch, Hopeshredder and Shimmeron

This is the charge-focused design of the set, which meant that we were going to design an item for each charge type. Instead of limiting the Elder to a single weapon type, this allowed us to efficiently make a full item cycle. Since each weapon has a charge associated with them, the base type was chosen by looking at the attribute each charge was aligned to.

The theme of the Elder siphoning life from his foes was pretty strongly in place, and we thought it'd be cool for the weapons to modify charges in some way, while having the charges siphon the life away from you. This was tricky because we didn't want the weapons to be limited to certain ascendancies due to the maximum number of charges they allowed you to get, so balancing those values took a while.

Interestingly, we also wanted the degeneration effect of the charges to always be on but at a lower rate, but that would kill characters when going through a loading screen! Therefore we chose thematic triggers to turn the degeneration effect on.

These weapons are meant to be very powerful, if you are able to build around the downside. There are many ways to do this in the game currently. Of course, you could simply play it safe and find ways to avoid or minimize the triggers that cause the degeneration!


As the curse-focused item of the set, these amulets were pitched as one of the rarer drops from the Elder. We wanted to make some items drop from the Elder that were reminiscent of the Doryani's Invitation cycle of uniques from Atziri. Choosing a cycle that is split by the 5 damage types in Path of Exile was a good way to go about this. Outside of the free Blasphemy aura, the rest of the mods were chosen to be thematic and tied to each element.

Originally, the items were meant to simply grant you the Blasphemy aura when you put it on. Unfortunately there were some technical limitations to doing it this way, so we instead gave the amulets the mod which removed the reservation cost of each Blasphemy aura.

A free curse aura is nothing to turn your nose up at and opens up so many other options when you do not need to reserve your mana for your damage curse. Outside this, these amulets also have many other beneficial bonuses.

Watcher's Eye

The aura-focused design of the set, this jewel was meant to be the chase item from the Elder. As mentioned earlier, we knew the Elder was going to be a lot more accessible and farmable than many of our other bosses. For this reason, it was important to give players a reason to keep killing him.

This design actually took a while to come together, because it needed to be the sort of item that everybody would want, but interesting enough that it still felt unique. It also needed to have a large pool of mods to roll from, so getting the perfect one would take some killing. Eventually, we settled on causing the Jewel to add additional benefits when being affected by each aura. Auras are incredibly widely used and there are very few builds that use absolutely no auras. Even Mind over Matter builds that want unreserved mana often reserve enough to run Clarity.

Ordinarily, they're not worth the trouble for motives that happen to be adequate within the long run. While they are helpful for players who might know nothing at all concerning the game. For by far the most part, they may be finding out tools for novices to ease them into the game. For additional Path of exile 3.1 Builds, you can pay a visit to U4gm POE currency.com.


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