How To Better Designing the PoE Elder Uniques?

In the War for the Atlas expansion, coming up with unique items that drop from an end-game boss can be a tricky process. Since such unique items can be deterministically farmed for, this means that they are likely to be widely available relatively early in a new league. In the case of War for the Atlas, players are going to be able to naturally encounter the Elder at regular intervals while mapping, so fighting him isn't really gated behind special conditions.

From the above conditions, the unique items needed to be made in such a way that made them generally useful for a wide variety of builds, and to create a reason to keep fighting the Elder many times, or the items would feel like they had no value.

The general design of a lot of elder uniques is that they are intended for a large variety of builds. Because of this, the focus on these designs are attributes, ailments, charges, curses and auras.

As the attribute-focused item in the set, the bonuses of this item were chosen to be mostly defensive, with a secondary offensive effect that can be built around. Attribute stacking is nothing new in Path of Exile. Existing builds already use items like The Whispering Ice and Hand of Wisdom and Action to great effect. However, all those builds focus on stacking a single attribute as high as possible.

This belt attempts to provide a slightly different spin to an attribute-focused gearing strategy, where you need to care about your lowest attribute for damage, rather than only caring about a single one. You also have the ability to become immune to two ailments of your choice, based on how your attributes fall into place, which is incredibly powerful in many situations.

Cyclopean Coil

As the attribute-focused item in the set, the bonuses of this item were chosen to be mostly defensive, with a secondary offensive effect that can be built around. Attribute stacking is nothing new in Path of Exile. Existing builds already use items like The Whispering Ice and Hand of Wisdom and Action to great effect. However, all those builds focus on stacking a single attribute as high as possible.

This belt attempts to provide a slightly different spin to an attribute-focused gearing strategy, where you need to care about your lowest attribute for damage, rather than only caring about a single one. You also have the ability to become immune to two ailments of your choice, based on how your attributes fall into place, which is incredibly powerful in many situations.

Blasphemer's Grasp

As the ailment-focused item of the set, there was a bunch of design space that opened up with the emergence of Elder and Shaper items. While not exactly a set bonus, this seemed like a good opportunity to make a unique item that rewarded using as many elder items as possible. These gloves just want you to use many elder items, which is consistent with the theme of the Elder influencing as many maps as he can!

Any build that cares about ailments should benefit greatly from using these gloves. While ailment builds are not as popular as direct damage builds, these gloves can boost the power of those builds significantly. On top of boosting both the power and effect of ailments, it has a special mod if you have Elder items in every slot, allowing you to play with no ailment removal flasks if you desire.

Nebuloch, Hopeshredder and Shimmeron

This is the charge-focused design of the set, which meant that we were going to design an item for each charge type. Instead of limiting the Elder to a single weapon type, this allowed us to efficiently make a full item cycle. Since each weapon has a charge associated with them, the base type was chosen by looking at the attribute each charge was aligned to.

The theme of the Elder siphoning life from his foes was pretty strongly in place, and we thought it'd be cool for the weapons to modify charges in some way, while having the charges siphon the life away from you. This was tricky because we didn't want the weapons to be limited to certain ascendancies due to the maximum number of charges they allowed you to get, so balancing those values took a while.

Interestingly, we also wanted the degeneration effect of the charges to always be on but at a lower rate, but that would kill characters when going through a loading screen! Therefore we chose thematic triggers to turn the degeneration effect on.

These weapons are meant to be very powerful, if you are able to build around the downside. There are many ways to do this in the game currently. Of course, you could simply play it safe and find ways to avoid or minimize the triggers that cause the degeneration!


As the curse-focused item of the set, these amulets were pitched as one of the rarer drops from the Elder. We wanted to make some items drop from the Elder that were reminiscent of the Doryani's Invitation cycle of uniques from Atziri. Choosing a cycle that is split by the 5 damage types in Path of Exile was a good way to go about this. Outside of the free Blasphemy aura, the rest of the mods were chosen to be thematic and tied to each element.

Originally, the items were meant to simply grant you the Blasphemy aura when you put it on. Unfortunately there were some technical limitations to doing it this way, so we instead gave the amulets the mod which removed the reservation cost of each Blasphemy aura.

A free curse aura is nothing to turn your nose up at and opens up so many other options when you do not need to reserve your mana for your damage curse. Outside this, these amulets also have many other beneficial bonuses.

Watcher's Eye

The aura-focused design of the set, this jewel was meant to be the chase item from the Elder. As mentioned earlier, we knew the Elder was going to be a lot more accessible and farmable than many of our other bosses. For this reason, it was important to give players a reason to keep killing him.

This design actually took a while to come together, because it needed to be the sort of item that everybody would want, but interesting enough that it still felt unique. It also needed to have a large pool of mods to roll from, so getting the perfect one would take some killing. Eventually, we settled on causing the Jewel to add additional benefits when being affected by each aura. Auras are incredibly widely used and there are very few builds that use absolutely no auras. Even Mind over Matter builds that want unreserved mana often reserve enough to run Clarity.

Ordinarily, they're not worth the trouble for motives that happen to be adequate within the long run. While they are helpful for players who might know nothing at all concerning the game. For by far the most part, they may be finding out tools for novices to ease them into the game. For additional Path of exile 3.1 Builds, you can pay a visit to U4gm POE

Path of Exile 3.1.0 Gems Design and Development Point of View

Inside the current War for the Atlas expansion Path of Exile introduced nine new gems, like 4 Potential gems that focused on necromancy, and five assist gems. Every single of those had been created to augment as many skills as you possibly can in new and exciting approaches. Senior Game Designer, Rory, has taken a moment to supply us an insight into the design and improvement procedure for any handful of these gems. Now U4GM PoE orbs will share with you 3.1 views of the nine new gems on the road to exile in the forums.

1) I managed to find a Reverberation Rod early on the levelling process of my first character in new league, and promptly slapped storm call/cascade/faster casting on it. The witch that uses it was already built around maximum AoE and lightning damage to abuse storm burst shotgunning.... but sometimes you just want to see which of your party members has the worst gpu and DC's first, ya know?

2) Physical is anything but left behind by these new items and mods; it's far and away the best base damage. Only physical has "% of damage gained as element"; no other damage type has access to mods like this through shaper rares, Hatred, Taste of Hate, etc.

All the damaging ailments could use a boost, especially ignite.

3) 100% physical is still reasonable for weapon based characters, in part due to bleed/Crimson Dance being so easily accessible, and somewhat due to the strength of Starforge. You can still scale 100% phys weapon-based pretty hard with crit (especially with new chest mods), attack speed, added phys damage on gear, etc.

100% Phys spells lag definitely lag behind elemental variants that have more than 100%+ of their damage added as elemental damage, but I wouldn't be surprised to see these effects reduced in the future.

4) It still baffles me that they intentionally design around this fire/fira/firaga mentality. Not only is it unnecessary with the existence of support gems, it just leads players to make bad decisions. You can't really "experiment" in the way Rory is suggesting, and new players would be far better off if the game goaded them more toward links and supports than a ton of active skill clutter. The tendency I've seen is to conglomerate actives rather than to replace them, meaning that they're underlinked for the level bracket. I don't like that the designers are simplifying skill design in order to put guard rails around new players.

PoE’s excited to view what players do with all of the corpse interaction skills throughout the league, as they’ve proved much more well known than initially anticipated. Path of Exile hopes you all enjoyed this glimpse in towards the ability improvement process!

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Path of Exile Challenges: Why Now Is Your Best Time to Start?

Lot of people over the years have tried it on my recommendation and gave up before reaching Merveil because they felt it’s old, archaic, slow and clunky. Main complaints were mana running out too fast, inventory filling too fast, need too many wisdom and portal scrolls, combat slow and clunky, etc. Those who slog through the first two acts get totally addicted though.

But today, I’ll be talking about Path of Exile Challenges. It’s a difficult game to get into at first, but NOW of all times is the best time to start playing the game! Let’s get into it!

I’ll tell you one main reason why: an expansion released in August called The Fall of Oriath, which has completely revamped the game for the better. Grinding Gear Games added in a ton of new features, made improvements to the existing infrastructure and tweaked the storyline into something that makes much more sense.

Honestly, for any players reading this, this is the best time to get started with this game. I may have touched on the difficulties in getting started above, but keep reading, because the new expansion has addressed these issues I brought up earlier, and then some!

When You Need a Helping Hand
The first major enhancement to POE was the addition of a Help Panel, located in an unobtrusive, yet prominent area on the display, right next to your Mana Gauge. Opening it (which I recommend you do that either in town or after you’ve cleared an area of enemies!) allows access to a number of topics regarding everything POE. It includes Skill gems, the passive skill tree, currencies, character customization and anything else that you’ll run into during your adventures. The help panel unlocks new content as you progress, so it’s perfect for the first time player, since it lays out a simple explanation of how the game works in an easy to use interface and only give them the relative information they need to keep going without too much hassle. There is also a tutorial in the help panel that can also help first timers get acclimated to the world of Wraeclast.

Revamped Story and Gameplay
The next most significant changes made to the game were the removal of the Cruel and Merciless difficulties and the addition of six new acts (Acts Five to Ten). This turns POE into a genuine RPG with a continuous ten act storyline, as opposed to players replaying the first four acts a total of three times to advance further. Difficulty-centred quest rewards have also changed, for example, the rewards for the “Deal with the Bandits” quest in Act 2 has been reworked. The experience and resistance penalties from the removed difficulties have remained but now they are applied when players reach Acts Five and Ten respectively.

A POE planner tool has also been created to help players plan out their character’s progression, select their ideal equipment and create builds of their own, without having to experiment in game. The tool allows you to select a class, their ascendancy, a passive reward from the “Deal with the Bandits” quest in Act Two, 123 passive points and eight Ascendancy points, enough to plan out your build on the tree. Other tabs include selecting equipment for your build, your chosen aura and a final tally of what your build would look like at whatever point you are at in the game. It’s incredibly useful for players to use and experiment with different builds and items before applying them in game, making it all the more easier to get into it.

Expansion into Home Consoles
Working closely with Microsoft, Grinding Gear Games has now brought POE to the Xbox One home console. This gives players a new way to jump in on all the action from the comfort of their couch, all without the hassle of looking for a good gaming PC or laptop to play on. Now, I don’t own an Xbox One, so I can’t try it myself, but so far it has been well-received by the major gaming publications.

RMT Marketplaces
Our last note here revolves around Real Money Trading (RMT) Marketplaces. These places can help players jumpstart their game by selling in-game currencies and equipment for a minimal cost. Pricing for various currencies and items are at the best they’ve ever been, so it’s well worth it for the new or experienced player to look into.

A good site to look into for items is the U4gm POE currency Store. Their item selection is top-notch, their prices are reasonable and all transactions are safe and secure.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give this excellent game a try, all these new features and improvements from the base game make this the best time to get started! I wish you fellow Exiles good fortune and hope to see you on the battlefield! If you have any questions, shoot them in the comments below!

Beginner Currency Guide in Path of Exile

Every MMORPG games have worthy items and crappy items. As a beginner, you do not know which is worth the project that is not worth the project. Today, share what is valuable here, what you do not need. Reading the guide, start your Path of Exile travel.

Items to pick up

Here is a list of POE items that are valuable:
Currency Items – Obviously, path of exile is being run by currency. These are what you’ll need when trading path of exile items. Pick all the currency items that you’ll encounter. Of course, You can also work buy poe orbs.

All Quality Flasks – you’ll need to upgrade your flasks eventually, so picking these things are worth the investment in the late game. Pick all the flasks that have a prefix, like “bubbling sacred mana flask.”

Skills Gems – Pick all the skill gems that you think you’ll need for your build and pretty much skill gems have its own value depending on the server’s population. The demand for skill gems go higher if the server has many people on it, skill gems are affected by the population overtime.

Support Gems – These gems are quite rare and you wouldn’t know when you’re going to need it so pick it up.

Quality Gems – It’s rare but it pretty much doesn’t have trade potential. Since it’s rare, you have to pick it. You wouldn’t know when the community is going to ask for it.
Magic Quality Equipments – Blue items only work in the early game. You won’t be able to sell it in the market in during your high level stage because people need rare items on their higher levels.

Rare Quality equipments – The principle in every MMORPG is that you have to pick every rare item.

Items that are not worth picking up

The list of crappy path of exile items
Low Stat White Accessories – pretty much useless, although, white accessories that have high stat bonus tend to be more valuable than blue accessories that have low stat bonus.
Scrolls – In the early game, scrolls have their values. As you level up scrolls lose its value.
However, in the long run, some crappy items will start to have their value as the game grew old, because the game’s admin will make events that will probably require those crappy items that players usually think it’s rubbish. It doesn’t happen very often so don’t worry.

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Path of exile 3.1.1 Patch Notes

Grinding Gear Games have released the latest expansion for Path of Exile, the new “War for the Atlas” campaign. Now we are shares with you What Bug Fixed in Path of exile 3.1.1. U4gm POE currency as an expert, U4gm website, offers secure, quick and low-cost Poe Orbs for you. We offer the product you want at the price you deserve.We pledge to offer you the best service and best product at the best prices!, we’ve got served a large number of consumers. In the event you are hesitating where to buy Poe Exalted Orb, U4gm is going to be a great option. Now, what Bug Fixed in Path of exile 3.1.1?

Fixed a bug causing some audio to not be played in situations where many sounds were already being played.

Fixed a bug causing some guilds to be unable to view tabs within their guild stash.
Fixed a bug that could cause maps to become inaccessible if you migrate an SSF account with a Map Tab.

Fixed a bug causing remove-only Map Tabs to not function correctly.

Fixed a bug causing debuffs to overlap with the Rampage kill counter.

Fixed a bug which caused the "Abandon Mission" button to appear at the top of Vagan's dialogue options.

Fixed a bug where strongboxes were able to revive Abyss monsters.

Fixed a bug where a specific monster with Inner Treasure would not drop a unique item.

Fixed a bug where the "Defeat the Atziri trio by killing A'alai last" challenge was not able to be completed.

Fixed a bug where Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless could stop taking actions and become immune to damage. This is a follow up on the previous temporary fix added in 3.1.0d.

Fixed a bug where The Eradicator was able to channel Lightning Tendrils without line of sight to his target.

Fixed a bug where Spell Echo and Multistrike's repeating behaviour did not work correctly when supporting Minions.

Fixed a bug where having a Spell socketed in The Poet's Pen would prevent other triggered skills from triggering.

Fixed a bug where "Projectiles gain x% on Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage per Chain" was not working if you only had 1 Chain.

Fixed a bug where Heretic's Veil displayed "x% reduced Effect of Socketed Jewels" instead of "Socketed Curse Gems have x% reduced Mana Reservation".

Fixed a bug where items could get unintended combinations of mods, causing "Socketed Gems are supported by Level 38 Poison" to appear on items. This was a display issue only. Existing items will remain as is.

Fixed a bug where Blood Offering did not share an Offering slot with other Offering skills.

Fixed a bug where Cremation supported by Spell Cascade was not consuming as many corpses as it should have.

Fixed a bug where Body Swap supported by Spell Totem was not able to target corpses near Kitava.

Fixed a bug with Magma Orb projectile behaviour when supported by Volley.

Fixed two crashes with The Eradicator.

Fixed one instance crash.



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