PoE: Your opinion of hell is everything priced in Vaal and Chisels!

I noticed lately while trying to price check items that the first 20-30 offers are always priced in Vaal and Chisels and only then do Chaos prices start. I've seen this on pretty much anything: rares, uniques, fragments.

Is there something going on with those currencies or are those some kind of scam attempts? It makes it really frustrating to find actual prices of stuff.

Let's see opinions that we found on the forums:

1) You can search by currency in poe.trade. Set buyout currency to chaos (or something else) and switch the "exact currency" to "on". It's the last row of the "Misc" search options.

2) PoE.trade doesn't update internal ratios often. IIRC the owner updates them by hand when he wants to.

So lets say that chisels are being sold for 0.5c (2:1) and poe.trade internal ratio says they are worth 0.33c (3:1).

If you put an item for sale for 3 chaos and someone else puts it for 8 chisels, poe.trade checks the internal ratio and list the chisels one first, because it thinks this one is cheaper, when in fact its 1c more expensive. People know this and abuse it to get better deals. It happens with alch, chis, vaals and maybe other currencies too.

3) Just fyi that mindset is definitely losing you sales. If I want an item and the cheapest is priced in anything but chaos (or exalts), I'll go buy the cheapest chaos listing because fuck getting vaals just to do a trade. I'd rather pay a bit more and not have to go get vaals because I'm running out of them by using them to buy crap. There's no way I'm the only one that does this because the one currency people have the most of generally is chaos and the rest isn't common enough to use as everyday trading currency.

If you really need vaals, price your crap in chaos and then trade your chaos for vaals, you're hurting your sales.

4) Wait, this wasnt obviois to people to begin with? Selling always for the currency I need most. At this point its alts and regals. Dont need chaoses, because Im trying to craft. Dont want to do unnecessary work with another path of exile items conversion trade.


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