What Tera Class Should I Choose, Valkyrie or Reaper?

I played TERA a lengthy time ago (before Reaper got in), and now I want to go back into it. I am getting an actually tough time deciding what class to pick, if Reaper or Valkyrie, due to the fact I like the fantasy of both. I've watched gameplay videos, expertiseshowcases, read guides and tier lists, but I nonetheless can not choose.

TERA valkyrie

I prefer to solo every little thing I can, and PvP also. I love the dark/edgy side on the Reaper, with these wonderful black/purple effects and chain scythes, but I'm not a huge fan of Elin. I like Valkyrie's moves too with these large crits, the marks, and overhead attacks. A vital issue for me is their solo potential, are they each viable for this? A different factor is a repetition; I utilized to play berserker and I got bored of primarily utilizing two expertise in my rotation. Are they both reasonably varied? What about their mobility?

Reaper and Valkyrie are my greatest geared characters, so I guess I can offer you some insight.

Both of them are capable of soloing, Valkyrie becoming greater on that regard, but honestly, 99% on the game just after 65 is played in groups so you should not worry a lot of about that.

About variety, when Valkyrie does have a large amount of filler expertise, your key target will likely be to often use as quite a few Shining Crescents (and Maelstroms/Spin'/Backstabs to set it up) as you can. It really is also much more simple to play. Reaper includes a much more complex rotation with a bunch of impactful expertise.

Mobility-wise, both have really excellent mobility, with Valkyrie's getting a little more limited albeit significantly a lot easier to utilize. Reaper gets a bunch of positioning and mobility abilities, but they are not as uncomplicated to use efficiently as just rolling about. Even their back teleport needs 2 actions.

DPS-wise, currently Valkyrie includes a greater possibility than Reaper, however, the point is, 95% of reapers you meet will not be playing the class to half of it is complete potential. In other words, the difference among a typical Valk along with a good Valk is fairly noticeable, however, the difference amongst a typical Reaper as well as an excellent Reaper is TREMENDOUS, that is why a handful of Reapers are seen as "monsters".

It really is also worth noting that for Valk to pull off their major numbers, all the things have to go perfectly. When you have to dodge for an extended time period throughout Ragnarok, you are going to shed a Shining Crescent and it'll consume up against a considerable quantity of your harm. That may be rather frustrating. Also, the penalty of death is considerably harsher for Valkyries; losing a complete Ragnarok bar can be really tilting, and can kill many your harm. Not that you simply should be dead anyway once you master a fight, but you get my point.

I ended up selecting Reaper as my principal, my Valk is sitting at Stormcry +0, I identified it to become more rewarding, but that is just private preference.

And as for the level, Reaper fundamentally starts at 58 following a tutorial. I would not be concerned an excessive amount of about that even though given that you just have seasoned the game just before 65 in an additional class because the complete game up until 65 is just kind of an intro/demo/tutorial. It begins after you hit 65. Also, sooner or later you are going to likely choose to level alts to farm for tera gold, so you are going to get via it with them.

Have fun!


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