A Slayer's Guide to Slaying and Leeching in PoE

I’ve been maining Slayer for a few months now, mostly as a league starter uber lab runner. I’m not a super hardcore player, but I like to try to start running uber labs within about 24 hours of the start of the league. I think that Slayer is by far the best way to do that because Slayer leech is completely OP in the lab for traps and the spikey damage of izaro and argus, but the way it works is really complicated. I didn’t really understand it myself until I read up about all of the mechanics and built a spreadsheet to explain it. Now that the rest of you are going to be leeching over time like a noob along with me next patch, I figured I would share my insights into Slayer leech since I’ve noticed a lot of people on this sub don’t really understand the weird leech mechanics. Sorry for the wall of text followed by a spreadsheet, but it really takes that to understand all of it IMO.

The build is the same either way, so it's just a gear/gem swap. Sometimes I switch but I usually do t.

I usually just level and map with ice crash, it's not tier 1 but it's fun and after the aoe buff it'll be at least close in efficiency to other things.

I normally get rich from Uber lab on my first character and then think of something else to roll for super fast mapping to waste my Path of Exile currency on a week or so into the league

Imo overleech is still notable even on fast small hitting skills.

Let's say you use Cyclone with 10 hits per second and enough dps to comfortably hit the leech cap. Base leech rate, so things don't get complicated.

If you're at full life and get chunked down to 50% health, then you do 10 hits in the first second, going from 0-20% leech, average of 10% leech. Then for the next two seconds you leech 20% per second. So it takes you exactly 3 seconds to leech to full.
As Slayer, if you get hit down to 50%, you immediately start leeching at 20% per second, meaning it takes 2.5 seconds.

In this scenario, overleech by itself is providing an effective 20% more leech per second on average.

The numbers don't tell the whole story though, because, let's say the boss has a small chance to do a massive hit for 70% of your health. You need to be above 70% to survive this attack. For normal leech, you're in danger for 1.5 seconds, whereas with Slayer leech it's only 1 second. Or, let's say you're dodging around and get hit, and you only start attacking to leech .5 seconds later. Then it takes you 2 seconds to get above 70% on normal leech, while overleech is unaffected, it's still 1 second.
That specific example may be unlikely, but the point is that overleech is a lot more consistent, and the consistency alone translates into survivability that is difficult to quantify. https://www.gm2v.com/https://www.gm2v.com/path-of-exile





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