Path of Exile 3.1.0 Gems Design and Development Point of View

Inside the current War for the Atlas expansion Path of Exile introduced nine new gems, like 4 Potential gems that focused on necromancy, and five assist gems. Every single of those had been created to augment as many skills as you possibly can in new and exciting approaches. Senior Game Designer, Rory, has taken a moment to supply us an insight into the design and improvement procedure for any handful of these gems. Now U4GM PoE orbs will share with you 3.1 views of the nine new gems on the road to exile in the forums.

1) I managed to find a Reverberation Rod early on the levelling process of my first character in new league, and promptly slapped storm call/cascade/faster casting on it. The witch that uses it was already built around maximum AoE and lightning damage to abuse storm burst shotgunning.... but sometimes you just want to see which of your party members has the worst gpu and DC's first, ya know?

2) Physical is anything but left behind by these new items and mods; it's far and away the best base damage. Only physical has "% of damage gained as element"; no other damage type has access to mods like this through shaper rares, Hatred, Taste of Hate, etc.

All the damaging ailments could use a boost, especially ignite.

3) 100% physical is still reasonable for weapon based characters, in part due to bleed/Crimson Dance being so easily accessible, and somewhat due to the strength of Starforge. You can still scale 100% phys weapon-based pretty hard with crit (especially with new chest mods), attack speed, added phys damage on gear, etc.

100% Phys spells lag definitely lag behind elemental variants that have more than 100%+ of their damage added as elemental damage, but I wouldn't be surprised to see these effects reduced in the future.

4) It still baffles me that they intentionally design around this fire/fira/firaga mentality. Not only is it unnecessary with the existence of support gems, it just leads players to make bad decisions. You can't really "experiment" in the way Rory is suggesting, and new players would be far better off if the game goaded them more toward links and supports than a ton of active skill clutter. The tendency I've seen is to conglomerate actives rather than to replace them, meaning that they're underlinked for the level bracket. I don't like that the designers are simplifying skill design in order to put guard rails around new players.

PoE’s excited to view what players do with all of the corpse interaction skills throughout the league, as they’ve proved much more well known than initially anticipated. Path of Exile hopes you all enjoyed this glimpse in towards the ability improvement process!

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