Guide to The Tidal Island in Path of Exile

The Tidal Island is an area in Act 1. This area does not have a way point and is connected to The Coast. Players start at the top of the island and fight clockwise or counter-clockwise along the beach to reach the wrecked ship where Hailrake spawns.

How to Reaching the island in path of exile?

The Tidal Island is a small isle with a shipwreck. It has no waypoint so hunters of Path of Exile Currency will need to make their way to it from The Coast. Players enter this area from the top of the island and can make their way to the ship wreck by going round through the beaches. Note that despite the shipwreck, there are no chests on the island. Instead, one can find Impaled Corpses, Bound Corpses and Crucified Corpses containing items and gear.

The island is inhabited by several monsters, namely Cannibals, Tide Striders, Gravel Eaters and the Drowned. Occasionally, players can also encounter Merveil’s Favoured and Spectral Corsairs along its shores. Monsters in this map spawn at around level 3 for Normal difficulty. For Cruel and Merciless difficulty they appear at around monster level 38 and 58 respectively. Monsters native to this map often spawn with resistances to fire, lightning or cold.

The shipwreck on the island is the spawn point of Hailrake, a unique Cannibal. Player’s attempting to take this creature on will need cold resistance, either through mods from Path of Exile Orbs or inherent affixes.

If you hunt for Vaal Skill Gems and other corrupted items, you can visit this map as it has a chance to spawn Corrupted Areas. It is can be in the form of a Strange Sinkhole, or a Concealed Cavity.





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