Path of Exile 3.1 - What Maps Have Shaper Orbs in Path of Exile?

Shaper's Orbs are non-tradable consumable items that can be used to upgrade the tier of a map in the Atlas of Worlds. This causes future drops of that map to have a "Shaped" prefix and the upgraded tier level. Atlas progress and map shaping is tracked separately for each league, and shared between all characters in that league. But, many people don't know what maps have shaper orbs.

Well thats the thing once you are working in from say the bottom left like i am you want to continue to stay in that area.. Dont go up to the top right and work in too. This will cause you to have to complete as well as later remove more maps once you have all your orbs. Of course, you can buy PoE orbs. My suggestion is stick to the area you started it in work the influence back and forth through the tier into the middle from whatever corner you started. This should help save you quite a few maps to remove later. Rather than jump other to the other side get some frags for orbs then jump to another quadrant. Thats gonna definitely cost you for sure. But again it doesn't matter which T11 elder goes to it will show the ring on the NEXT T11 whatever it is where ever it is.

Keep in mind too thought this isnt such a big deal through the T6-10 ones its once you get into the middle working the T11-15 frags for orbs that it will become costly to jump around quadrants but at the same time the influence can be harder to control and you might have no choice but to go where it goes as it progress's through the tiers. if it influences the next tier and shows the blue ring you need to run it anyway but it will be another map you must remove later. Again i think no matter what you do its gonna be tough to keep it to bare minimum cost for removing later unless you had great RNG and elder goes exactly where you want him to. Which you have some control but not 100% But once you are getting shaper orbs through the yellow tiers it should become more clear how to influence and manipulate where you want the elder influence to go. Then the trick is actually having the next map to run for the frag.. which ive just broken down and bought any i dont happen to have for the sake of sanity.

Again i cant stress this enough.. NO CERTAIN MAP DROPS FRAGS TO TURN IN FOR ORBS!!! The first tier map from the last tier you get a frag from will show the ring doesn't matter the map only the tier.

And again the only answer i dont have at this time is idk if you even get multiple orbs per tier in the reds anymore its looking like one shaper orb per tier so far but i wont have the definite answer till tomorrow sometime.

I really hope this helps you guys and by all means if you have further questions or need more thorough explanation in game step by step dont hesitate. more about poe news and guide, you can visit





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